Anmol Mago

Software Engineering Student @UWaterloo

Search Intern @Google


Self-Driving Car Nanodegree
Exploring algorithms and techniques used in real-world self-driving cars. View more here.
Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree
Learning about concepts related to AI. View more here.
AR Rubiks Cube Aid
Created program to locate a Rubik's Cube in live video. Currently working with OpenCV to help user solve Rubik's cube in real-time with augmented reality. View more here.
Created chrome extention to display top github trending repositories when user opens a new tab page. Available here
Reinforcement Learning Minigames
Successfully implemented Q-Learning Agent for Tic-Tac-Toe and Mini-Tetris.
Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Implemented multi-label Naive Bayes to classify tweets as positive, negative or a question
CentumXL Mortgages tasked me with bringing together a website that would help engage the consumers as well as allow team members to use necessary tools.
This app, built in Unity3D, is a cross between the classic games "snake" and "pong". It features over 15 levels as well as many items such as powerups and lives.
This app manages over 10,000 videos, displaying them across google maps. It takes care to group many videos together if they are in close proximtry until the user zooms closer.
WOH Contest
Built for William Osler Hospital's annual KissMyApp hackathon, this Android app scored 4th from all over Canada winning multiple prizes.
This website was designed to rank servers based on monthly user upvotes.
I worked in a team to create a smart watch which would use on-board hardware sensors to imitate the typical features of a smart watch. Check it out here!
A just for fun side project, mostly to learn more about Swift and Objective-C. This app was based on a concept about hiring college students to help do everyday tasks you are too busy to complete yourself, such as getting chipotle or mowing the lawn.
To learn Cocos2D and Cocos2D-js I started created a clone of the popular game Agario with my own little tweaks and new features to be exported to multiple platforms.
Created as a fast-faced memory training app to help individuals improve their memory.
I created this along with various other websites to help promote my vex robotics team.
This concept started development to promote a upcoming app Evoque.
GTA Insurance
GTA Insurance Experts contracted us to design and develop a website which sparked the interest of new homeowners and was optimized for maximum engagement.